What is Naps?

National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) is a scheme of Government of India to promote apprenticeship. It was launched on 19th August 2016. It is rolled out by NSDC (via SSCS) to facilitate the industry for their immediate manpower requirement. This particularly aims at skilling the new entrants / candidates being deployed in the manufacturing and services segment. 


Benefits of NAPS


For Employer

  • Helps in training the manpower and retaining the workforce
  • Engaging apprentices is mandatory for the organisations employing 29 & more employees,  hence NAPS facilitates compliance.
  • offers financial incentives to the companies of 1500/- per candidate per month or 25% of stipend given by the company whichever is less.
  • Companies are exempted  from contribution to EPF & ESI
  • Companies have to follow stipend guidelines under NAPS hence no obligation to follow state minimum wages.
  • No obligation to hire the apprentices after training and saves the effort of reconciling with labour laws


For Employee

  • Formal set-up for the training with standardized framework
  • Recognition of their efforts for learning skills
  • Gets a certificate from Govt. and recognized by the employer 
  • Getting paid while learning, no gestation period to earn
  • Increase the chances of apprentices to be in the main workforce

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