International Placements

TSSC is in the works to provide youth of India employment opportunities globally as well. It is our government’s aim to make India the skill capital of the world and to share our high-quality skilled workforce for the rest of the world, especially those nations which have an ageing or declining national population will be adding to the vision.

To cater to the global workforce demand, we are actively strategizing global partnerships with governments and businesses. We are carefully examining through them for their potential, manpower requirement, market quality, business models, placement programmes and many more metrics to bring the best of the opportunities in the ICT sector for our youth.

TSSC is currently eyeballing Middle eastern, Sub-Saharan and East European regions to identify the optimal system with the purpose of conducting placements, and meanwhile in talks with the best multi-nationals for facilitating the foreseeable global skill gap.

TSSC will also facilitate in information on migration clusters, overseas mobility mechanisms and workforce supply/demand data on periodic basis.